Member Spotlight: Assaf Weinberg

It’s time for our #MemberSpotlight! This month we’re excited to introduce you to Assaf Weinberg. Assaf joined us here at The Mill Coworking a couple months back and has been hard at work ever since.

Assaf is a software engineer working remotely for StackRox, a Silicon Valley based startup. StackRox develops an information security platform for cloud native applications - or as Assaf calls it, "computer stuff". He was recently given the opportunity to open a new office in Charlotte and chose The Mill as a perfect spot for the new team.

Assaf has been doing "computer stuff" professionally for over 20 years, most recently  founding and managing the Design practice at Levvel, a national IT consulting firm serving  F100 companies. While he's spent the past 5 years in big company consulting, he's a startup guy at heart. He's founded several early stage startups in the travel and political space, serving as CTO of DC based and UI/Product lead for NYC based Routehappy (Sold to ATPCO).

Assaf enjoys sharing his knowledge and mentoring young developers. He designed the curriculum for Tech Talent South's 60 lecture-hour JavaScript course and taught it to the inaugural class. If you're interested in learning JavaScript, just ask him!

He got his bachelor's from Bucknell University with dual majors in Computer Science and Economics. That was a long time ago, but he's still interested in the intersection of technology, economics, and society. Bring up any of those topics and you'll find yourself talking  philosophy in no time. He's interested in renewable energy, sustainable transport, and the future of energy distribution. He even once created and launched a rogue Tesla shopping website as a weekend project.

When he's not working, reading, listening to podcasts, or otherwise learning about his latest topical obsession, you'll find him biking the rail trail with his two boys (6 and 10) or writing applications together. Check out this Roblox app designed by his 10 year old -