Perks of a Dedicated Desk

We all know too well that when you work from home there tends to be no “off-switch”. With a dedicated desk, you’ll find a new appreciation for off-hours and can leave all your work behind at the end of the day!

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Having a dedicated desk is one of the quickest ways to change your work life balance. Not to mention, no more lugging around all your belongings to and from different locations every day. Your desk is solely yours which makes it a safe place to leave all your belongings. You’re able to set your desk up however you see fit and leave it that way.

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Our Dedicated Desk memberships are great for small teams as well! Each team member can enjoy the perks of having their own desk and team meetings can be held in the Conference Room or the Breakout Room. This allows you to still have a professional team environment to come to each day without having to foot the bill of office space, furniture, utilities, etc. Your team will also have access to all member networking events held at The Mill which can promote team bonding while also expanding your network!

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With a Dedicated Desk membership, you have full access to The Mill Coworking meeting rooms, phone rooms, common areas, and member networking events. The biggest difference between a Flex membership and a Dedicated Desk is that with a desk you have a space that is all your own. Our large, premium desks provide ample space to create the perfect setup for max productivity. Each desk is equipped with a power plug that has 2 usb ports and 2 outlets. We also offer upgrades that allow you to add a monitor to your desk, wireless mouse and keyboard, or storage units!

Join us for a Free Trial at The Mill Coworking and find out just how much having a space dedicated solely to work can change the way you operate!

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