Feature Friday: Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop

It’s that time again, friends. This week we’re featuring one of our favorite after work pit stops, Pop the Top!

Located across from the East/West Blvd Light Rail stop, Pop the Top is a craft beer shop that offers handpicked options from The Carolinas, cider, wine, and local kombucha. On top of their delicious selection of drinks you can also expect to find locally made goods in the shop as well! Pop the Top loves to host unique and fun events. From special beer releases, bottle shares, or animal rescues, you can count on always finding something cool going on inside.

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A little background story for you on the owners, Ketan and Kathy--both have been in North Carolina for over 30 years and actually met while attending NC State! We had the pleasure of chatting with Ketan and asked what his favorite part of being a part of the South End community was. His response, “the support for small businesses has been tremendous and it really shows during different events that the South End community puts on. Plus we love dogs and there are SO many cute pups in the area.” Can’t argue with that one, we love all the puppies as well! Speaking of pups, you may notice that Pop the Top’s logo is a Black Lab, this is a tribute to their late Labrador, Louie (excuse us while we melt).

Be sure to give these guys a follow (@popthetopclt) and check out their next event or just swing by to say hello. You never know, you might just see us there! Their patio is pet-friendly as well, so feel free to bring along your furry friend when you stop in!

Photo provided by Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop

Photo provided by Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop