Feature Friday: Owen's Bagel and Deli

It’s that time again-- Feature Friday and this week we’re talking Owen's Bagel and Deli 🤤Located almost directly across the street from The Mill, Owen’s Bagels and Deli is the home of Charlotte’s first and only ‘steamed bagel sandwich’ shop in the city! Owen’s has been in South End since 2005 so they’ve been around to watch all the growth in our neighborhood first hand. 

All of the bagels on their menu are automatically steamed which melts all the cheese, warms the meat, and the bagel comes out nice and hot! We asked Owen’s what inspires them and they responded “making people change the way they look at an ordinary, boring ‘bagel sandwich’. We come up with some crazy combinations and ingredients to put on our bagels. AND THEY ARE BANGIN’!” Yes they are, guys, yes they are. 👌

If you haven’t had the chance to check this place out yet, you should go ahead and make that priority number one this weekend. They’re open Tues-Sunday from 7am-3pm and if you’re looking for a recommendation on what to try, you can never go wrong with ‘Lincoln Pork’ or 'Phish'!

📸 : Owen's Bagel and Deli